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Financial Managers Society Forum 2017

June 25-27
Las Vegas

MountainView-McGuire is an exhibitor. Elaine Halliday and Della Zheng are presenters. Rita Bostick, Karen Schwall, Tony Eramo and Bertrand Laurent are attending. Learn more.


Center for Financial Professionals Stress Testing USA: CCAR and DFAST

November 7-8
New York

MountainView-McGuire is a sponsor and exhibitor. Learn more.


MountainView-McGuire Webinar Series - Past Topics

Our webinars are recorded and are available on request. Past topics include:

  • Preparing Your ALM Model and Process for Rising Rates (5/17/17)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Governance, Compliance, ALCO and the Board (12/13/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Optimizing the Modeling Process (10/20/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Rate Scenarios and Model Testing (9/13/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: Input Behavior Assumptions (7/14/16)
  • ALM/IRR for Community Institutions: IRR History, Definition and the Basics (5/26/16)
  • Re-visiting FTP: Fundamentals, Challenges and Governance (5/12/16)
  • Capital Stress Test Model Adequacy: Notable Issues from Recent Validations (6/25/15)
  • Quality Checking Your Institution's Ability to Measure IRR When Interest Rates Rise (9/18/14)
  • Capital Stress Testing - Compliance Issues and Performance Opportunities (7/1/14)
  • Defending Accurate Core Deposit Behavior Inputs in IRR Models (9/13/13)
  • Benchmarking and Back Testing Financial Model Behavior Assumptions (6/6/13)
  • Compliance Update - NEW Best Practice Ideas for Accurately and Cost Effectively Analyzing IRR (4/23/13)
  • NCUA Interest Rate Risk Policy and Program Guidance: Beat the Heat! (9/27/12)
  • FFIEC IRR FAQ: How to Interpret the Guidance and Prepare for your Next Examination (2/9/12)
  • Replacing OTS Deposit and Loan Behavior Inputs (9/22/11)
  • IRR Compliance After OTS: A Practitioner’s Guide (9/8/11)
  • New Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management: A Compliance Roadmap (4/28/11)
  • 2010 in Review:  IRR and Liquidity Guidance, FAS Update, Concentration Risk, and More (12/14/10)
  • MPS ALM Model Behavior Assumption Benchmark Service: Core Deposit Repricing and Runoff/Decay Rates (12/2/10)
  • Liquidity Measurement and Management: Complying with the 2010 Interagency Guidance and Uncovering Value (11/2/10)
  • ALM Model Verifications: Complying with 2010-1A IRR Regulatory Guidance and Uncovering Value (6/11/10)
  • Core Deposit and Loan Behaviors Complying with 2010-1A IRR Guidance and Uncovering Value (4/23/10)

Contact us to request the presentation slides and recordings.