Subscriptions : Subscriptions

The right answer can depend on the right price. MountainView-McGuire subscription services are designed to meet specific needs and goals for deposit behavior and value inputs and specialized earnings at risk testing in cost effective and efficiently delivered ways. Contact Us for a free sample report!

Core Deposit Indexes

MountainView-McGuire Core Deposit Index Reports provide quarterly equity at risk value data for banks/thrifts and credit unions. They deliver national benchmark type information on average lives, present values, and durations for key core deposit categories. Web delivered and low cost, these “real world” based reports can use your own balances, rates paid, and repricing data (the MountainView-McGuire Custom Core Deposit Index) for precise outputs that out-perform ad hoc or regulatory value inputs.  NOTE - The MountainView-McGuire Core Deposit Intangibles Index is a direct, and enhanced, replacement for OTS IRR model inputs.

Loan Prepayment Index

MountainView-McGuire Loan Prepayment Index reports deliver user customized peer based IRR model prepayment inputs.  They enable more accurate estimation of earnings at risk and equity at risk, supporting stronger compliance with  potentially reduced earnings loss.  Prepayment data can be directly input into ALM models, producing scenario specific cash flows by category.

Smart Ramps

Traditional rate shock and linear rate ramp tests for earnings at risk do not assess basis risk in the balance sheet because all interest rates move at the same speed and by the same amount. MountainView-McGuire Smart Ramps advance you to the next level of IRR assessment by projecting the individual behaviors of specific interest rates. Based on statistical studies of historic interest rate patterns, Smart Ramps present multiple rate ramp and yield curve shape change scenarios in an easy to use format.